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Leaving Go-Points for Grab Rewards

Leaving Go-Points for Grab Rewards

I have used Go-Jek services religiously for almost 2 years now that my 2018 end of year report card as a Go-Jek user surprised me a little, I ordered Go-Food almost 300 times in the year 2018 alone which means I’d either order lunch, coffee, desserts, weekend dinner or snacks almost every day of the week. The other services that I use quite regularly are Go-Car and Go-Send services. Have I been loyal? certainly. Have I reaped any benefits for being loyal to Go-Jek? Not exactly.

As a points geek, I loved seeing my Go Points balance increasing throughout the year, even though I had never really used it for anything hoping they’d eventually link up to Singapore Airlines’ Krisflyer or GarudaMiles at some point.

So hoarding on points or miles is something I don’t mind doing as long as it gives me much more valuable rewards at the end such as traveling for (almost) free.

But this never happened with Go-Points.

To make matters worse, just today I found out that 5,000 of my Go-Points will expire on 30 June 2019. What can I do with my expiring 5,000 points?

My Go-Points

Nothing was appetizing enough in the GoPoints vouchers section except maybe for Go-Food vouchers that I decided to use my expiring points just for that.

Honestly, knowing this was coming to Go-Points, my loyalty to Go-Jek has shifted in the past few months, especially after Grab introduced the new subscription model into their app, pay IDR 125,000 a month and receive 10 x IDR 35,000 Grab Food vouchers. Not a bad deal indeed.

Since then, I’ve started using Grab Food instead of Go-Food thanks to the savings and as a reward-driven user, Grab Rewards Points has a much higher value as it is useful not just for items or discounts but also rewarding travel benefits.

Just within a few months of using Grab I’ve become a Platinum member and has been receiving a differentiated set of benefits for being loyal to their service and to my benefit, Grab Rewards are transferable to Singapore Airlines Krisflyer and GarudaMiles, easily done through the app.

Am I leaving Go-Jek because their lack of convenience and services? Definitely not. They are still undoubtedly reliable and I’m very proud to call them as one of Indonesia’s tech treasures.

I still use Go-Jek services from time to time but not as often as I used to. Grab has definitely become my number one go-to-app for Food Service and Ride service.

Why? Because they know how to reward their most loyal customers.

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  1. Jonny Lesmana
    3 months ago


    After being their loyal customers and trying to save up the points (I have 48K points and 357 coins BTW) for some major prize when it hits 100K, I am now officially an angry customer. 5000 points will expire in 2 days and their vouchers are useless now that grab has been shoving discount vouchers left and right these past months. So instead I bought 20 lucky draw coupons which I do not expect to win anything (cross my fingers).

    It’s sad that their customer retention department has been slacking all these while and not coming up with any mentionable benefits for loyal members. Didn’t they realise they have to keep customers other than gaining new customers??

    • Admin
      2 months ago

      Hi Jonny Lesmana,
      Thank you for being our reader. Yes, we feel you. We have the same problem too. Hopefully, Gojek will improve their loyalty program soon.

      Best Regards,
      Loyal Hackers